Ultimate Guide for Glass Ball Photography

Photography is a passion one likes to convert from hobby to profession. No wonder people nowadays are much appreciating and approaching this profession because as time has changed, so has lifestyle and technology—one like to create memories with their loved ones through pictures. But not there are many alternatives as there have been invented many types of photography. 

One of them is glass ball photography. So let’s discuss it in a detailed manner. 

Details about guidelines for glass ball photography:

Glass ball photography is a fantastic and elegant way to create and invent unique concepts contrasting and compelling pictures. It is a unique concept and a type of photography that lives one in wonder and dilemma about how one has photographed it. Now the guidelines for glass ball photography are as below:

  • Crystal ball lens must be clean:

For doing glass ball photography, one requires a crystal ball known as Lens Ball, so it is placed right in front of the scene or the object of which photographs are to be taken. The image, which is the scene, is then reflected in the ball, and then it is photographed. So for bringing a beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous photo, one was to make sure that the crystal ball lens which is to be used for the photography and the photo session must be clean so that the scene which is to be captured in the lens will be perfect in minimum shots. 

  • Photograph inverted image:

Nowadays, there is a trend that glass ball photography is used to take images that are upside down by flipping the camera. It is not only because it helps bring out a unique and vivid concept, but it also incorporates a beautiful composition of the inverted image. Though it takes a lot of time as one after rotate the image during the processing, Burton the flipping background also needs a lot of techniques which require a perfect background area to take a beautiful photograph.

  • The photographer must be skilled:

As you can imagine that doing these photography sessions is not an easy thing, and it requires no stone unturned for a photographer to get a perfect shot in the glass. So for satisfaction, an ideal combination and balanced natural background shots, one should hire an excellent and skilled photographer so that you can take different types of shots with various kinds of flipping techniques of the images.

  • Choose the correct aperture: 

After carefully focusing on choosing between different types of lenses, hiring a perfect photographer, selecting the location for taking the glass ball photography, one must also be careful in choosing the correct aperture. The aperture influences the depth of the field, that is, the amount of the scene that is in focus. As the photography not only includes the main object but if you are doing glass ball photography for a particular location, then one must also focus on the aperture and the depth of the field sometime. If you set an ultra-wide aperture, you will end up with a beautifully blurred background and a sharp foreground, and if you put an ultra-narrow aperture, you will end up with a crisp foreground and crisp background.

Conclusion: Though glass ball photography is a beautiful concept, it needs substantial hard work, skill, and various advanced techniques for clicking a perfect picture. One must not forget that every single thing in the image has its meaning and its value. So one must be careful with every inch of the photograph to be taken.

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