Travel photography – click stunning pictures

Travel photography is the most discussed photography genre at present. Who does not love travelling? Travelling brings a person peace and helps him to confront his joys, fears and deepest desires. Travelling also gives a person solace. So why would a person not want to capture these travelling moments forever and cherished them? It helps you immortalise the moments that you spend during your travel.

What is travel photography?

As the name suggests, travel photography is based on travelling. This is the genre of photography that helps a person document or captures the customs, rituals, landscape, people and other amazing moments or cherishable memories that one experiences when one travels somewhere. There are no geographical limitations in the case of travel photography nor a list of stringent rules that a photographer must abide by. 

Travel photography is very vast and open in terms of the subject it lets a photographer cover. Travelling has become a lot easier and accessible to many people now, so travel photography is seeing a consistent rise in popularity. However, travel photography is comparatively less monetized than other genres of photography. Yet, the rising popularity of travel bloggers is making travel photography a trend. For some people, the photos they capture while they travel act as the most memorable souvenir.

What is the point I must keep in mind when I venture into travel photography?

Travel photography is all about looks and appearances. The ability of a travel photographer is showcased by the attractiveness of his captures and the attention his photos manage to attain from the viewers. Below mentioned are some tips that one can keep in mind to enhance their travel photography.

  • Try to spend as much time as you can outdoors. Wake up early and stay out late when you travel. Moreover, the warm sunlight that one sees at dawn and dusk enhances the look of any photo.
  • Read various guide books or articles to be well aware of the locations that you visit to know about picturesque landscapes or places. This will save you the time of unnecessary location hunting after you reach your destination.
  • If you want to capture the photos of locals, be gentle enough to ask their permission first.
  • Always follow the rule of thirds to get a balanced photo.
  • Befriend a lightweight travel tripod to help you click stable photos.
  • Try to experiment with composition by adding different kinds of backgrounds or contrast or other elements in the frame of your photo.
  • Opt for shooting travel photos in manual mode
  • Try to teach the virtue of patience in yourself as a photographer needs to patiently wait for the correct opportunity to seize a perfect photo.
  • Get lost on the streets of your destination on purpose. Humans never know what amazing scenario you stumble upon.


While trying out your luck in  remember that you share a common space with the people you have travelled to and hence do not do anything to cause them discomfort. I hope you found this article useful.

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