Top 5 online photo storage options

The situation when you have all your pictures stored in your hard drive which is not working anymore is disheartening. All your favourite pictures, raw images, and the best collection go in vain due to just one technical error. Well, if you have faced such a situation you will understand the pain of such things. Therefore, to ease the situation out for you.

In this post, we are going to share the top 5 online photo storage options. Yes! These are online storage options and you can choose them completely for free.  You can easily access these storage options whenever you want and from anywhere too. What else you need to store your photo data. So, without wasting a single second more. Let’s quickly jump onto the list of the top 5 online photo storage options and pick the best for you. 

Top 5 online photo storage options 


Though you might haven’t used it, you might have heard about this storage option. Dropbox is a very popular storage option. The application was launched back in 2007. Also, it is a smart and easy way to keep a dedicated folder on your computer. The software easily synchronizes all the files across various multiple devices and online as well. The free version of dropbox supports 2 GB of storage. If you need more storage you can always upgrade to the premium version as well. 


This photo application easily synchronizes all your pictures Gmail, and the other applications present on your phone. The application also comes pre-installed on your device and detects all the images. The best part of google photos is that it offers unlimited storage. Also, the AI-based search is an excellent feature of the application.


Adobe creative cloud is one of the exclusive services of adobe photoshop. The storage capacity starts from 20 GB. The creative cloud allows the users to access, work, and share the various assets across the various types of platforms. The program also avoids the duplication of images which helps in saving the storage of the cloud. 

4. iCloud

iCloud is the storage option owned by apple. All mac users can easily use the cloud to store their pictures and data. The cloud is already built-in their phones. The iCloud service is also open to windows users and the desktop as well with a dedicated application. The platform provides the free 5GB of storage option. 


Microsoft one drive is another excellent option to store your photos. Also, the application does need any kind of appreciation and introduction. It is already a big name in the industry and provides amazing options with a very smooth interface. The free version of the Microsoft one drive provides the storage of 5 GB. Although, the premium users can have access to up to 6 TB. 


These are the top 5 online photo storage options that you can use to store your pictures efficiently. Also, these are perfect in terms of security, storage, excellent interface, and all the other such things. Hence, you can easily pick one according to your convenience and start storing your pictures right away.

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