Top 5 DSLR cameras for video shooting

Over the past few years, the world of photography and cameras has been coming up with new features, technologies, and functionalities. Out of which, the DSLR cameras are the ones that cannot be replaced with any other type in this industry. These are professionally used cameras to click stunning pictures and to shoot amazing videos as well.

Also, with the mind-boggling choices of DSLR cameras available out there, it becomes complicated to choose the best. Therefore, to break the struggle for you, we present the top 5 DSLR cameras for video shooting. These are the best and go-to choices, even if you are a beginner. The functionality of these cameras is easy to understand and adaptable.

Best DSLR Cameras in 2019 | Top 5 Options For Beginners & Professionals -  YouTube

  1. CANON EOS 80D

In terms of the video shooting DSLR cameras, we can say that it is a quality workhorse in simple words. The video quality is fantastic, and the price wise it is worth the price. The camera allows the user to shoot 4K resolution video quickly. One of the critical features of this camera is the tricky focus that makes your video unique and flattering. 


The most attractive feature of this camera is the user’s ability to pair this up quickly with a 4K monitor recorder. 

The video shooting with this camera provides the users with the super high and dynamic range of the footage with the full spectrum of colours. The UHD 4K quality is amazing, allowing you to make the transitions easy and fast with this hooting module.


Though the Panasonic range of cameras has advanced a lot lately in terms of video shooting, the Panasonic Lumix S1 H is unique from its entire series. 

The S1H seems to be designed solely for video shooting with 6K video resolution. This provides your video output with stunning quality. The stabilization specs of the cameras are also very impressive.


The sigma fp is currently the world’s most miniature mirrorless camera. The compact design of the camera provides excellent portable. The camera also has a highly modular, with a large heat sink. This heat sink allows the camera to be used for more extended periods effortlessly. This camera also works on a directive viewfinder’s unique feature, which makes it unique from the other DSLR video shooting cameras.


The name of the camera suggests that it is super exciting to fulfill all your video shooting needs. The camera provides you with visually lossless footage of the video with excellent metadata support. The resolution of the video format is around 6144×3456. The vast 5 inches touch screen is another boost to the design of the camera.

So, whether you want to create content for your social media or capture memories with your friends, family, and relatives. These cameras mentioned above are perfect for all your video hooting needs. Though the camera’s price range fluctuates a little, make sure to pick one that fits your budget. Stay tuned! Till the time happy video shooting. 

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