Photography marketing ideas to get more clients


Photography marketing ideas have taken the world by storm. Photography has evolved from art or act of interest into a full-time job or business for some. When you are using photography as a form of business, it is needless to mention that you have to come up with new innovative photography marketing ideas to keep your clients hooked. The competition in today’s digital era has scaled to new heights. If you do not stand out, then you will be lost in the crowd of millions of photographers who are striving to inaugurate or establish their business. Say goodbye to the old, blunt, conventional and straightforward approach towards photography marketing and embrace new creative, innovative and captivating ideas always to be ahead of your peers.

Sometimes traditional ideas do manage to give fruitful results; however, this is a very rare occurrence. In this article, we have curated A comprehensive list of photography marketing ideas that will fetch you more clients. You will find everything here, beginning right from a classic approach to a modern and unconventional one. Since online presence plays an important role in the reputation of any business, this article will also be dealing with ways in which one can enhance their online presence and attract more clients.

How can I attract more clients with new photography marketing ideas?

  • Nowadays, people usually take to the Internet as their first resort whenever they want to find something. Hence it is very important to work on SEO for your website. Use catchy keywords for the same.
  • Make the “About Us” Portion of your website as catchy as possible. It is usually the description that this part contains which decides the popularity of a particular website.
  • Always try to expand your exposure by participating in various photography contests or exhibitions.
  • Do not waste your talent by dedicating your time and hard work to something that is not relevant. Submit your piece only to relevant niche
  • Try to list your business on photography records.
  • Write helpful and relevant articles for your clients.
  • Try to make your photography marketing more engaging by talking to your client in videos.
  • Collaborating with bloggers and vloggers is a new trend a person uses as an innovative photography marketing idea. This helps to reach out to more audiences.
  • Tag clients and business pages whenever you post something.
  • Try to involve your clients by offering them to review few photo prints.
  • Utilize Facebook ads and Pinterest
  • Ask your client to upload unboxing videos.
  • Give a unique hashtag.
  • Organize giveaways
  • Share a sample album with your clients.
  • Try to have consistent branding and opt for unique and attractive packaging. Do not forget to flaunt it.
  • Cover a local event
  • Partner with other established businesses for referrals
  • Introduce special discounts for your clients and send them cards on special occasions.


You can also find out more engaging photography marketing ideas apart from the ones listed in this article. You may also host or participate in various photography workshops. Remember that serving your client and satisfying their needs must be your topmost priority. Hence opt for photography marketing ideas which showcase this.

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