How to use a white balance card


A white balance card helps you adjust the white balance and exposure settings of images by providing a reference point.

As the name suggests, white balance balances the temperature in the image. It adds the opposite color to the idea to bring the color temperature back to neutral. Instead of whites appearing blue or orange, they should appear white after correctly white balancing an image.


The white card is designed to help photographs adjust their exposure and white balance settings consistently by providing a reference point. This reference point will set a white balance, or color balance, point for a particular image set and all images captured after that.


To measure your reference point, place the white balance card in the area or scene in which you intend to take a photograph with the white side facing towards the camera.

For the most accurate results, place the card directly where your subject might stand or rest so that it reflects the light source.

Then, adjust your manual camera setting to ensure optimal exposure and focus and take a test shot. One might need to take two or three to get the image looking the way you would like.

Once you have captured the image in the camera, you can then navigate to the camera’s internal shooting menu and select one of the preset white balance options or “customers white balance, “ which are setting that all modern DSLRs come equipped with.

It is considered to repeat this process several times to ensure that you have captured an accurate reference point before you begin shooting. If the light source, time of day, or location changes during your shooting sessions, you will need to use the white card to measure another reference point.

Why does the white balance card work:

Essentially, the white balance card works because of its lack of color white has a neutral tone, and even though there are many shades, it can be considered to be a middle white color it makes it easy for the camera to understand a given lighting situation and prescribed the best solution.

Place it in the area where you plan to shoot your object, facing the direction of where you plan to place the camera. If you are using artificial light, you will want to make sure you light the white balance card the same way you plan to light your subject.  It would help if you had a custom white balance card option on your camera menu. You will find this setting and select it and take a picture.

It helps to do this process at least three times to make sure that the light is being registered correctly.  In auto shooting mode, the camera automatically searches for this medium blue in a scene to determine the correct exposure and white balance. This is also how the camera determines the right white balance when you set the white balance to auto.


In product photography, the color temperature should be precise, and the white balance color is used to make and give the photo a neutral color for convenience and versatility. Most photographed lose their white balance move set to end allow the camera to interpret the light source.

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