How to charge for any photography shoot

Photography shoots have become a trendy thing in today’s society. Almost every occasion has a photography shoot listed in its inventory, be it a wedding, a baby shower, a graduation party and sometimes even a funeral.

Some aspiring models even host photography shoots for creating good portfolios for their careers. Photography shoots are extremely professional, and hence they do come at various, sometimes costly prices. Better the professional skills of a photographer more expensive the photography shoot is. If you are a budding photographer or plan to venture forth into the world of photography, you need to be well updated on the amount photographers charge around the world.

A career in this field is highly lucrative. Thus it is very important to know exactly how much to charge your client. Setting too little will make you underpaid, whereas charging too much will lead to a reduction in the number of clients. Pricing your work is one of the biggest challenges. This article will brief the readers about the charges usually levied.

On what factors does the cost offer a photography shoot depend?

Most of the time, the incentive charged by a photographer for photography shoots depend on the person, and hence they vary highly. But we have listed down some of the factors which remained constant.

  • Location of shooting
  • Type of photo demanded by the client
  • Amount of editing required
  • Number of shots captured
  • The occasion for the photography shoot Expertise and professional skills of the photographer
  • Personal wages
  • The popularity of the photographer
  • Equipment used
  • Amount of marketing done
  • Time consumed

The rates of different types of photographers charged for different kinds of photoshoots?

Different kinds of photographers charge different amounts for photography shoots on other occasions. Hence the rate that a wedding photographer charges is going to be different than that captured by a travel photographer. Given below is a detailed list of the amount that photographers charge their clients.

Based on pricing plans:

Day rate: Suitable for short time engagements. This excludes other miscellaneous expenditures.

Per Job: Suitable for long term engagements. This does not exclude the additional costs incurred.

Hourly: Usually encouraged by the student or amateur photographers for projects of very short duration.

Per image: Used for shooting pack shots.

Usage fee: Also known as licensing fee, it is charged by a photographer based on the amount of exposure a photo will get or the number of times it will be used. This is meant only for big jobs.

Occasion: Big occasions like weddings, etc., cost more whereas events like birthday parties cost less.

Based on the type of photographer

Beginners:- Rs 500-Rs 2500

Amateurs:– Rs 1250- Rs 5000

Students:– Rs 2500- Rs 5000

Semi-Professionals:– Rs 3000- Rs 10000

Professionals:-Rs 10000- Rs 50000


Besides being a hobby, photography can be a serious business too. In that case, one has to charge for the work they do appropriately. Although setting for a photo shoot can be tricky, we hope this article will help you face this challenge adeptly.

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