How to add hair in photoshop – Tutorial for beginners

To enhance the view of the image or to suit the type of hair the model or any average person wants. There are numerous variants of hair present in the option. The photoshop tutorial for beginners can add even the slightest hair strand after they get into editing the photographs. One can also give luster, volume and change hair colour according to the preferences. The photoshop tutorial for beginners setting hair according to the model head might be tricky for amateurs. Still, it is an easy process, and one gets away with it when they know about the adjustment process.

Tools Used In Photoshop to Add Hair And Make It Bling:

There are varieties of tools used when one decides to change the color of the hair or to change the hairstyle. For every change, as mentioned above, different types of devices are used. For the selection process, different types of steps and methods are there, and it needs to be followed strictly.

  • The first tool for selection: Lasso Tool

Lasso tool is used to start with the initial/ first stage of selection. It is used to leave behind the edges or parts of hair placed outside the selection area. While using this tool, one needs not to get the background parts included in the selection process. 

  • Fine Hair Selection: Select And Mask Button

In this method, most of the excellent process is executed to make the hair look adjusted in the photograph. It has multiple view modes where one can view all the edges of their selection. One can use any mode present in there, which also includes Onion Skin Mode, which is used most of the time to give a delicate transparency look. It is used for better visualization of the edges. 

  • The Visualization Redefined: Refine Edge Brush

One has to brush along the sides of the selection by using Refine Edge Brush. The diminished edges of the piece become part of the selection. For viewing the flaws, one needs to switch over to the Overlay View Mode. An overlay will appear around the parts of the piece which are not included. Then one can carry forward with their selection process. 

How Photoshop Helps a Photograph Look Unique?

This is a generation where everyone gets influenced by a particular trend that furnishes from time to time. The Era of getting highlighted through different cuts and curls and how it suits the face structure. The shine and the smoothness that is being detected for becoming hair models. The advertisements for shampoo and conditioner campaigned by actresses and models use this technique to get a finished look of the hair. 


The photoshop tutorial for beginners mainly focuses on the image, as it adds all the shine and smooth effect to make it look dazzled the right way. The highlights used in the photos and in the hairs outside the salons to attract customers are done through the help of Photoshop. Being a pro at the Photoshop tutorial for beginners does not take much time. All it needs is effort and the ideas which will make the photograph much more worthy of it.

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