Creative landscape photography tips with DSLR

Are you also a landscape photographer? Well, if yes then definitely you might be tired of thinking about various new techniques and skills with the help of which you can surely boost your photography game. But not anymore, as in this post we will guide you with the amazing landscape photography tips that you can use to click some amazing landscape pictures. 

As photography is a creative niche, it surely is technical as well. This is because different angles, types of equipment, and modes are needed to be considered to make the best out of landscape photography. So, let’s get started and discover the most amazing tips with which you click the beautiful essence of nature and capture the incredible mother nature.

  1. Use the night sky in frame

If you haven’t clicked the night sky pictures yet, then you should surely go for it. 

You will never be disappointed to see how the night sky shots will turn out. During the days, the sky is a plane. But at night you have the complete freedom to capture the beautiful clouds, stars, trees in different patterns

2. Slow down the shutter speed with a black glass

Well, if you are looking for more creativity in landscape photography. Them you need to try this out. During the daytime, you can easily click the log exposure shots. To add more uniqueness, you can add black glass to the front of your lens. 

This will prevent the great amount of light from entering the lens. Hence, there is room for unlimited creativity.

3. Play with colors wisely

In landscape photography, colors matter the most. Hence, as result colors have the power to completely transform your pictures. Many people do not notice the temperature of the light as it gradually shifts in the day. But you should be observant about these changes and learn how you can achieve different results.

4. Shoot through flower petals and leaves

Think beyond the basic shots. Start by clicking pictures through the flower petals, or the leaves. This will create the ultimate essence of nature in your pictures. You also do not need any type of tripod stand to shoot with these elements and angles. A simple camera is enough to capture all you want.

5. Erase the clutter with a telephoto lens

There are times when a specific thing in the background does not match with your base photograph. In that case, you can simply eliminate the background or cut down the things that you don’t want to see in the photograph with the help of the telephoto lens. Doing this will also help you in making your pics look clean and tidy.

These are the most important tips that will help you in making the most out of your landscape photography. Apart from that you always need to make sure that you pick a beautiful location for your landscape photography. As the location is the most important parameter. Therefore, make sure to search for the best locations around you and click beautiful landscape pictures.

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