5 Best Entry-Level DSLRs for Beginners

DSLRs for beginners is found in ample amount at present with the right amount of technical delicacies. DSLRs for beginners must not be only cheap but also easy to learn and handle. It must also be endowed with some manual controls and features which, as time passes, help a beginner develop his skills as a photographer. Photography is an art, and a good camera helps the photographer uphold this art in its truest sense. However, at present, photography revolves around the kind of lens one uses to capture his subjects. For beginners, a mirror lens or a DSLR is undoubtedly more preferable.

Best Entry-Level DSLRs for Beginners

What are the features that I shall look for in a DSLRs for beginners?

DSLRs for beginners must have these features present-

  • An amalgamation of manual and automatic modes so that a beginner may initially start with the help of automatic modes. Then, as he develops skills, he may switch over to the manual mode.
  • Must be affordable
  • Must have simple controls
  • Good megapixel
  • Must-have features that enhance the manual mode like- an interchangeable lens.

These features that must be present in DSLRs for beginners are the keys that unlock the Magic photography can offer.

May I have the names of some of the best entry-level DSLRs for beginners?

We have conducted proper research and pinpointed the top five best DSLRs for beginners in the list below.

  • Nikon D3 500: It costs almost Rs 38,000. The interactive guide shooting mode, solid performance, good handling and the great sensor present in this camera makes it worth the buy. The controls are quite straightforward; hence there are no complications that a beginner may face. However, the price shows that it will be stripped of some advanced features.
  • Fujifilm X-200: Great for photo novices, this camera comes at an affordable price of almost 50,000. The big 3.5-inch Vari angle touch screen, the amazing 4K Video features, The need to design, and its lightweight has made it so popular. However, this may look and feel like an old school camera, but that does not mean it won’t serve as a good DSLR for beginners.
  • Sony ZV-E10: This is Sony’s best APS-C camera for newbies. It is a mirrorless camera which has got autofocus features and good performance. Besides having a very angle screen, it also has a clip-on wind muffler. It costs almost 62,000.
  • Panasonic Lumix G100: Priced at 60,000, it captures quality videos and stills and has good audio recording capabilities. The bright EVF and articulated LCD makes it worth buying.
  • Nikon Z FC: Priced at almost two lakhs, the gorgeous looks and dial-based controls are its major attractions.


Investing in a camera has a long term effect, and thus it is important to be farsighted. Buying DSLR’s for beginners does not mean you are investing in just one product. You are Investing in a variety of lenses and accessories. Hence before buying a camera, it is very important to judge yourself and figure out what kind of photography you are interested in.

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