5 Free and most popular photo and video editing applications

Editing photos and videos are like providing the final finish to your pictures and videos. But to completely transform the look and appeal of your photos you need to master the application or software that you are using. Although, there are many photo editing applications available that are premium and comes with many different features and functionalities. They are the best.

But these days, there are many free applications available that have made the editing task easier for all the photographers. As of now, you do not have to always pay to edit your charming photos and videos. In this post, we will provide you with the best and free applications on which you can rely on.

  1. VSCO

VSCO is surely an excellent application to edit pictures. initially, when the application was launched it was paid. But the makers made it free last year and boom! You have got the complete settings and controls of your pictures look. You can adjust everything according to you in a very easy way and edit the pictures.


This is an adobe photoshop application and is also used by many professionals to change the look and feel of their photographs. The application is compatible with all the adobe software. It also supports the images of various formats. You can also work with creative clouds in photoshop express. 


Filmora go is a very popular and known video editing software. The users get access to all the basic video editing options here. Like trimming, cropping, resolution settings, text editing, and applying different filters too. You can also add different music and themes to your videos with the help of this application


These days inshot is the most popular application. All the content creators on social media are making the most out of this application to create some stunning videos. The application has all the standard video editing features which are completely free to use. The best part of this application is that it allows the uploading size limit of the 4k video resolution with some amazing in-house music effects


We simply cannot leave pics art while talking about the best free pho editing apps. This is the must-have application if you love editing pictures. The only drawback with this application is that it provides limited access to the free version. Although there are many functions and features that you can surely use to customize your pictures. Still, the paid version has unlimited options.


So, these are the 5 best photo editing and video editing applications that are completely free to install and use. Also, when it comes to photography you have the complete room to be creative. Therefore, you can try out all the applications and check which suits your requirements the best. There are many other free applications that you can try out to edit your pictures like snapseed and adobe lightroom. stay tuned for more amazing photography-related content.

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