Know about the best DLSRs for the money before investing!

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With the increasing rage of photography, everyone wants to be a photographer. It seems to have become the key to coolness. As a result, the demands for DSLRs have become sky high. Either you own a DSLR or you wish to own one. The whole of younger generation can be pretty much divided into these two groups; there is no place for a third category! And seriously, who does not love good quality pictures? So if you are planning to buy DSLRs In the near future, you’ll find this article helpful!

4 best DSLRs for the money:

The Budget is always taken into consideration before buying anything new, so here is a list of 4 best DSLRs for the money that will help the consumers to choose!

    • Nikon D750: It is a perfect DSLR for the beginners, that is, for people who like to shoot as a hobby. For $2300+ it captures 24.3 megapixel stills and 1080/60p videos. The camera is also served with built-in wifi. It is certainly one of the best DSLRs for the money.
    • Canon 7D Mark II: This camera is great for wildlife photography and captures 20.2 Megapixel stills and 1080/60p videos. It comes for $1800 with built-in GPS and a viewfinder.
    • Canon 70D: This one is for the professionals and is worth $1200. With quick response time and 20.2 megapixel stills, it can be counted among the best DSLRs for the money!
  • Pentax k-3: Considering its service, the brand is underrated. Pentax-K3 captures excellent stills of 24-megapixels and offers a burst speed of 8.3 frames per second. Costing around $1300, it has additional perks. The camera has a weather-shield which means you can capture images while getting drenched in the rain or the snowfall.


Now go ahead and get the one that best satisfies the shutter-bug in you!